Useful ED Drugs

Many say if Viagra helps with erectile dysfunction, then you can be sure of your health. Generics are drugs that have a therapeutic interchangeability with authentic medication exactly bioequivalent originals. But in this situation does not imply equivalent “not so effective”, as well as the effectiveness of the action of these drugs are quite safe, it has been proven in the laboratory.

Besides generic rich and powerful action is made, taking into account the stipulated standards and the quality of the product regulations. It is quite difficult to underestimate the importance of generics, because it is too easy to buy them but not Viagra. Generics wrongly considered flawed means, as well as the fact that they are much worse than the originals. The generics remarkably preserved all: quality, efficiency and safety of the product as well. They differ from the genuine product by its appearance and a relatively lower price.

What does it mean – real help or just the ads?

What does it meanFirst of all, it should be said that these drugs will be cheaper than the originals on which they are completely indistinguishable. This product is cheaper because generic manufacturers do not have to bear serious financial cost of manufacturing the original product. They do not need to carry out various studies and spend money on advertising the product. Besides the low price, we can explain the fact that in the United States rather serious competition in this market. Therefore, in order so to say “survive” in the conditions of ardent struggle for each user, the manufacturers of generics are trying as much as possible to lower the prices of their drugs.

In addition to the rest of the effectiveness of generic drugs have proven laboratory and it is absolutely not to give results after receiving the original drugs. Most manufacturers produce original drugs and generic drugs. In order to obtain a license for distribution of generic, in each country, the manufacturer is required to provide evidence that the drug acts. We get that quality will ensure not only a manufacturer, but also the government. Up to 70-ies of the last century, the problem of drug copies never stood – there were only original products. The original, or branded, medication – this is the tablet which has developed and released a manufacturing company, it is always an innovative product that is carefully checked by various clinical studies. Research of a new drug takes from 5 to 12 years, thus the creation and introduction in clinical practice – extremely long, labor-intensive and multi-step process, which involves a variety of specialist’s disciplines.

The cost of developing a new drug more than similar costs in the computer field or in the field of telecommunications, and therefore the original drug simply cannot be cheap. For the first time cheaper copies of original drugs appeared on the market in the 1970s. Generics contain the same as that of the original active substance, but it was not similar in chemical composition. Naturally, the production of copies requires much less effort – both intellectual and temporal, material and others. Because the formula is already there, it has long been published in all the references, and do not need to invent anything. Now of generic drugs has its own name, i.e. they disappeared among the original drugs.

The danger here is in the following. Although it states that the generic – a drug that is identical to the original, but it is not complete, a copy cannot be it, because the manufacturer based only on the patent, that is, only the chemical formula, which can be viewed on the Internet, books and other benefits. In this synthesis process itself, that is, how to obtain these or other agents for tablets, protected by a license agreement.

Do manufacturers compete with counterparts?

After all, the original manufacturer is obliged to make public only the formula, in this end of its obligation to the medical community. No one is authorized to force her to reveal all the secrets of production. Therefore, generic always synthesized and produced in other ways. Is also the case with the registration of generic drugs? Easier we imagine. The deviation in the active substance contents of up to 5% difference in pharmacokinetics (drug interaction and the body) – up to 20%.

In addition, for the registration is not necessary to assess the stability of the dosage form and provide objective data from clinical studies of therapeutic equivalence to the original. It is easy to calculate that the two generics may vary in content of active ingredient is 10%, and the pharmacokinetic parameters – 40. Companies producing generic drugs for their promotion in the market usually say that these drugs are completely identical to the original.

Generics are profitable – if the expiration date of the cialis 10mg pills is ended, the manufacture can give the analogue – generics. As a result, you are buying a product name, but inside it has a different composition. Here on this website you can buy a real drug generated that will be cheaper than the original brand. But you can be confident about your health; here you will find only high quality products.