Male prostatitis

Prostatitis – common disease in men of reproductive and old age. What is prostatitis? Inflammation of prostate gland in men, this organ is also called prostate. Prostate gland is located in close proximity to bladder neck and is important part of male reproductive system. Inflammation of prostate causes its enlargement, as result of which urinary canal is clamped and process of emptying bladder becomes difficult, and other unpleasant symptoms appear. Therefore, in case of inflammation of prostate gland it isn`t recommended to do nothing.

Symptoms and signs of prostatitis

Usually, manifestations of prostatitis men pay due attention late enough. Clinical picture for each case is individual, even if we are talking about one form of disease. However, first symptoms of prostatitis in men are about same:

  • Urination difficulties. Urethra compressed under inflamed prostate doesn`t pass urine well. Feeling of incomplete emptying and constant urge to urinate are also first signs of prostatitis in men, and its symptoms will further aggravate.
  • Sexual disorders. Such unpleasant signs of inflammation of prostate are manifested in men mainly as violation of erection mechanism and orgasm weakening. Also, symptoms of prostate inflammation include premature ejaculation.
  • Pain. Among signs of prostate gland inflammation in men are pain during urination and ejaculation, characteristic symptom is also constant aching pain in lower back.
  • Nervous stress. Symptoms of inflammation of prostate gland include increased male nervousness, since enlarged prostate gives certain discomfort.

Causes of prostatitis

Inflammation of prostate gland occurs for variety of reasons:

  • Poor blood circulation. Blood circulation can be disrupted by physical inactivity (sedentary and sedentary lifestyle) – this is very common cause of prostate inflammation in men. Also, reason for violation of blood supply to organs is large weight, small pelvic injuries, and persistent hypothermia.
  • Infection. Infectious diseases also often cause prostatitis. Prostate gland is easily infected as result of venereal and urological diseases, inflammatory processes in rectum and complications after infectious diseases (tonsillitis, pneumonia, tuberculosis).
  • Immune failure/weakening of protective functions of body due to illness, stress, etc. often causes prostatitis in men or exacerbates existing disease.

Prostatitis treatment

Self-treatment for prostate isn`t recommended. If man doesn`t know, which doctor treats prostate, you can learn about it from your therapist. But, usually all men know, that urologist specializes in treatment of prostatitis in men. It is permissible to apply also to therapist or surgeon, but only for primary appointment.

How much prostatitis is treated and whether it can be cured without consequences depends on complexity of particular case. The sooner a man turns to specialist, the higher chance for effective treatment of prostatitis. Duration of prostatitis treatment can be from 1 to 6 months, depending on form of disease. It is necessary to take into account time, spent on diagnosis, which will also affect duration of prostatitis treatment.