Erectile dysfunction

  1. Definition
  2. Signs and symptoms
  3. Causes
  4. Diagnostics
  5. Methods of treatment
  6. Prevention
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  • Erectile dysfunction – is a sexual dysfunction, which causes impossibility of penis’s erection, therefore men are not able to perform sexual intercourse. Sometimes erectile dysfunction referred to impotence, but it is not correct, because of erectile dysfunction is not a barrier to ejaculation. Having rare problems with erection are not cause to worry. But if erectile dysfunction happens all the time, it could be a reflect confidence, relationships and stress level. In any case, erectile dysfunction could be a sigh of diseases, and it better to pass inspection and possibly begin treatment. Fortunately, modern medicine has reached a level of development, whereby diagnostics can detect erectile dysfunction (impotence) in the early stages and to select adequate prevention.


  • Symptoms are simple. Regular or repeated impossibility of penis’s erection, weak erection, inability to maintain erection.
  • Causes of erectile dysfunction are varied.
  • Stress, mental disorders, depression;
  • Drugs;
  • Cavernosal disorders;
  • Aging – the most common cause of ED;
  • Surgery;
  • Kidney problems;
  • Diabetes;
  • Venous problems: disturbances in the mechanism limiting the outflow of blood from the penis;
  • Smoking, arterial narrowing.
  • Hormonal disruptions, because of libido is directly linked with testosterone level in body.
  • Diagnostics of erectile dysfunction. Based on history, examination, instrumental and laboratory examination. Collection of information facilitates the use of adapted questionnaires. The use of such forms can not only smooth out the feeling of awkwardness in the conversation with the shy patient, but also to save the doctor time.

Laboratory diagnosis includes: definition of hormonal status of men by the testimony appointed analyzes excluding or confirming the existence of of somatic (physical diseases, as opposed to mental illness) diseases.

Laboratory diagnosis

In some cases, apply monitoring nocturnal spontaneous erections.

Collect medical history. Around 21% of the causes of organic impotence, is a regular intake of drugs or surgery. Collect medical history is necessary to identify these actions and their effect on the organism of the man. Also, a history of the information should be collected about bad habits, systemic and chronic diseases, taking drugs and narcotic drugs, radiation therapy to the pelvic organs, etc.

Physical examination. During the examination, the doctor evaluates the patient’s body, focusing on the severity of the male secondary sex characteristics. One of the main tasks of the survey is to identify the problems associated with the improper functioning of the thyroid gland. Medical examination of the external genitalia shows the state of the scrotum, possible changes in the member form

  • Choice of methods determined by a doctor. It could be:
  • Hormone replacement therapy. If the disease is caused by hormonal disorders, it is necessary to restore normal hormonal status. Nowadays, there are convenient dosage forms, allowing to adjust the levels of testosterone.
  • Another method of treatment is vacuum treatment using penis pump. The vacuum device is arranged quite simple – it consists of a tube which is connected to the pump. You put the penis into a tube and air is pumped out of the tube pump. As a result, a vacuum is created, which stimulates blood flow to the penis.
  • Psychotherapy (sex therapy) – if the cause of ED is in the field of psychology, need help with a therapist. Sex therapy – a form of psychotherapy, when you and your partner can discuss any issues related to sexual life.

Psychotherapy (sex therapy)

  • Surgical treatment of impotence is usually recommended when there is convincing evidence that disrupted the blood supply to the penis, or if all other treatments have not yielded any results. In the case of venous or arterial insufficiency possible surgery and subsequent recovery of normal circulation of the blood. An alternative method is the surgical implantation of penis prosthesis.
  • Prevention of erectile dysfunction. There are some methods, following them could reduce the likelihood of the occurrence of ED. Surely, even the following these rules, cannot guarantee the prevention of erectile dysfunction. They are very useful for men between 30-45 age old:
  • Balanced diet. The diet must contain enough protein suppliers – eggs, meat. Useful various dairy products, herbs, fruits and vegetables. Be sure to eat nuts, honey, give up the heavy fatty foods.
  • Get rid from bad habits. Drugs, alcohol and cigarettes may well lead to erectile dysfunction.
  • Modernization of sexuality. For the men is a threat to the abuse of masturbation, replacing full sexual intercourse. Also not recommended to protect themselves from pregnancy through partner interrupted sexual intercourse.
  • Health life style. This concept includes healthy sleep about 8-9 hours, moderate exercise, avoiding stress and depression.
  • Regularly visit a doctor. No comments.
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