Anti-aging foods

Are there actually anti-aging products, or is this another myth invented by our marketing experts? A couple of decades ago, American scientists conducted research, setting themselves task of identifying food products that contribute to rejuvenation of body. Scientists have found that certain foods are antioxidants, which, when used regularly, help slow the aging of body.

Taking into account results of research, scientists have developed even special anti-aging diets that have proven to be sufficiently effective.

Top 5 anti-aging products

Let’s look at top 5 products that help us grow slower:

  • Dark chocolate. It contains not only useful antioxidants, but also substances that our body needs, such as caffeine and theobromine. They contribute to normalization of blood pressure, slow down aging process. Cocoa, which is sufficient in chocolate, helps body fight inflammatory processes.
  • All kinds of tea. Of course, we are talking about natural teas: green, black and red. In each of them there are polyphenols that protect cells of body and strengthen immune system. People who use tea every day have improved kidney function, blood circulation, and thanks to essential oils that all teas are rich in, nervous system calms down. Drinking 2 cups of tea, you will soon notice that body as whole will work better.
  • Natural coffe. It improves metabolism, tones and rejuvenates cells of body, contributes to balanced work of digestive system. But people who have problems with cardiovascular or nervous system, it should be used very carefully.
  • Maybe you heard tale of rejuvenating apples? As saying goes, fairy tale is a lie, but there is hint in it. And indeed, daily use of apples, especially green ones, helps to preserve youth. These wonderful fruits contain many vitamins and valuable minerals, such as calcium, magnesium, iron and iodine. Also, apples improve digestion and purify blood. Due to such beneficial properties, apples are used in many diets, and it`s recommended to use them at least 2 pieces per day.
  • All berries also have anti-aging properties. And leaders among them are blueberries and black currants. These berries are rich in vitamins and microelements, they contribute to normalization of metabolism and restore cells of our body.

Watch your diet every day, because your body needs lots of nutrients daily. When used in sufficient amount of anti-aging products, about which we have just talked, your health will be better, and therefore appearance will delight.