8 Amazing Vitamins And Trace Elements To Raise Male Testosterone

Every man is jealous of state of his potency. If it is reduced, or for some reason it ceases to want sex, then representatives of stronger sex may experience state of depression, dissatisfaction with themselves, disappointment in their own abilities and various kinds of depression. State of healthy potency is directly related to production of male testosterone in body. This hormone isn`t only responsible for process of fertilization, but also for external and internal state of man. Therefore, it`s very important to maintain its balance in norm.

Vitamins for making male testosterone

Very important factor in maintaining men’s health is proper nutrition and, accordingly, getting necessary vitamins by body. Nutrition of modern person is often monotonous and of poor quality, therefore one should pay attention to vitamin components of food:

  • Vitamin C. If your work is stressful, then additional intake of this vitamin is essential for your men’s health. Daily dose is 1000-1500 mg/day. If you smoke, then vitamin must be taken almost constantly, as nicotine destroys it. Pay attention to citrus fruits, berries, greens, cabbage. Perhaps you should take pharmacy version of this vitamin.
  • Vitamin E. It performs antioxidant functions. In addition, it doesn`t allow insulin to destroy testosterone, creating kind of barrier between these important hormones. Unlike female hormones (for example, estrogen), testosterone isn`t so aggressive, therefore it needs protection from vitamin E. They are rich in any vegetable oil, greens and egg yolk.
  • Vitamins B. Indispensable to increase libido and improve potency. It restores energy reserves, stimulates heart muscle and nervous system. To replenish it in body, you need to eat dairy products, fish, carrots and nuts.
  • Vitamin D. Also contributes to development of male testosterone. They are rich in cheese (especially with mold), eggs, fish oil and cottage cheese.

Despite large variety of vitamins and macronutrients in food, often people don`t pay attention to their diet, especially for men. Therefore, vitamin complexes are also good help for health and maintenance of testosterone in normal conditions.

Trace elements to help men’s health

Not only vitamins are able to raise potency, but also trace elements. Therefore, if you are concerned about question: how to increase testosterone in men, you should pay attention to products containing:

  • Zinc. Without this trace element, testosterone production is impossible. It contributes to conversion of estrogen into male testosterone, so lean on oysters, seafood, fish, seeds and nuts.
  • Selenium. It has direct effect on function of this hormone. After 40 years, every man should take selenium and zinc as additional supplements if deficiency of these elements doesn`t cover nutrition. Daily dose of selenium is 200 mgr. It`s a lot in garlic.
  • Arginine. This amino acid is indispensable for production of testosterone. It is best to take it in special pharmacy tools.
  • Omega-3 and Omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids. Foods that are very low in fat can greatly lower testosterone levels of men. It doesn`t mean fatty and unhealthy food, such as fast food. Emphasis should be placed on healthy fats, which are usually found in all types of vegetable oils, oily fish, avocados, olives, etc.

What else can affect increase in male testosterone?

Permanent stressful situations adversely affect healthy production of main male hormone, and therefore potency. Under severe stress, cortisol is also produced, which contributes to weight gain, especially in abdominal area.

You also need to pay attention to proper rest. According to results of some studies, if man sleeps less than 6-8 hours a day, he can lose up to 40% of testosterone.

Don`t forget about exercise. And especially strength training. The greater the load your muscles receive, the better the protein that is involved in testosterone production is synthesized. Try to exclude from diet of alcohol, especially for men over age of 40 years.

Liver doesn`t always cope with load and increases production of female hormone estrogen, level of which affects formation of a woman-like figure and loss of muscle mass.

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