10 foods that reduce your libido

Much has been written about products that increase sexual power of person, and such information can be found very often. As much as we would like, there is food that acts in completely opposite way, reducing libido! And, you absolutely don`t notice! Our content will tell about these products.


Excessive consumption of coffee in addition to adrenal hormones adversely affects production of many other hormones. Testosterone also remains under its negative effects.

Carbonated drinks

Studies have shown that carbonated drinks lead to depression, which is one of biggest enemies for person’s sex life.


Surprisingly, but true. Most of cheeses we eat are made from milk of animals that received antibiotics. It turns out that we eat dairy products overloaded with antibiotics, which affects our hormones. That is why you should choose organic products as much as possible.

Artificial sweeteners

Sweeteners containing aspartame inhibit secretion of so-called happiness hormone, serotonin, so that you may face problem of frigidity.

Instant soups

Such soups with lot of preservatives can lead to an increase in blood pressure. As a result, problems with erection are inevitable.

Monosodium glutamate (additives)

Foods, especially food in bags containing this supplement, cause significant harm to health! In addition, this substance, which gives taste, is addictive, also leads to decrease in libido.

Potato chips

As far as butter used to make chips is unhealthy, everyone knows. Most often used oil of poor quality, which directly affects sexual activity.


It is known that substance quinine contained in tonic reduces level of hormone testosterone in blood. And in combination with alcohol, we can say that this is real killer of male libido!


Digestion of spinach, which contains high proportion of zinc, requires high energy consumption of our body. Therefore, on day when you have sexually important meeting scheduled, spinach is better not to eat.

Salty snacks

We know that excess salt is harmful to humans. Salty snacks, such as nuts, seeds, etc., eating which sometimes gets out of control, leads to excessive ingestion of sodium in our body, which leads to fatigue and causes male erectile dysfunction.

To conclude we must say, that if you will reduce the amount of such products you will feel yourself good and everything will be good with your libido.

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